Guest house Sinanovi

Guest house in Rodopi mountain

+359 896736350, +359 899948081

If you want to shake away the strains of everyday life, if you want to enjoy some delicious, environmentally safe natural food and feel the magic of the Rhodope mountains you couldn’t have made a better choice!

Reaching it is easy: just take the Gotse Delchev – Dospat road and you’ll be there in no time (it is 40 km., from the town Gotse Delchev and only 10 km., from Dospat).

To this day Dabrash’s greatest treasure are the truly magnificent coniferous and mixed forests, some of which are protected in the "Konski dol" (Horse’s glen - Bul) and "Tumnata gora” (The dark forest – Bul.) reservations. The little known “Kayaliyski skali” (the Kayalii rocks – Bul.) are an impressive natural phenomenon revealing itself to the visitor as a stone labyrinth of about a dozen parallel lines of rock 10 to 50 meters high scattered over a vast area amidst an old pine tree forest. The southern slopes of the Dabrash are occupied by the largest and oldest natural oak and birch tree forests in Bulgaria.

This captivating place is where you will find the “Sinanovi" guest house.